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BLOG: Winter- December 2019

17 December 2019- Merry Christmas ! 























16 December 2019 - Yoko Ono show at the Georgian House Museum

I was very exited at the prospect of seeing some Yoko Ono work first hand : I'd heard much about her conceptual work of the 70's and was intrigued not just about the work but the juxtaposition of her work in an unusual environment. I believe that art can change the meaning of any space and wondered how the Avant Garde could work in the stuffiness of a fully fitted out Georgian house.

I originally went when the exhibition first opened but felt that I had to return to assess whether my first impressions remained valid : i.e. It was all a bit laboured and felt irrelevant in its surroundings.

The show covered all parts of the museum but started with a video piece called 'Freedom' on the ground floor and ended with another video called 'Fly' on the top : both using Yoko as the actor and with sounds by John Lennon.

I left feeling that the Avant Garde doesn't travel well in time.











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