December : Tuilles, lockdown, displacement activity, painting and the need for an audience  

November: Lockdown ...... again, and backlinks 






October : Art galleries are open and about to shut again! 






September: Colstons memorial: we urgently need an alternative

August: Self portraits!


July: Making a carpet of one of my paintings






June: Making a landmark? Feeling proud to live in Bristol!

May: Accepting help but not settling: How Christo made it work while others haven't 

April: A perfect cup of coffee









March: is there an Artist in the House of Lords?

Swindon Museum and Art gallery: Open photography show










February: Hindsight and hotel bedroom design-wtf! Contemporary Art Practice: Messy vitality.

2020 Contemporary Painters exhibition/Spike Island













January: Ambition, Collaboration and better backing singers.









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solitude painting.TIFF