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Art galleries are open and about to shut again! 

No sooner are galleries opened than we are advised that a closure is imminent so I went out to see as much as I could in Bristol compiling a list and devising the appropriate route:  a lovely couple of days 

1: That Art Gallery put on a great show of work by Lily Mixe; a mix of high gloss ceramics, found objects and prints all using fantastical compositions of natures everyday and abnormal.

2: Dareshack : A newly opened café and art space in Bristol : Great coffee , lovely pastries and an intriguing space showing work by Hugo Farmer: Priest and Sergeant 



3.The Soap works has been repurposed as an art gallery by a collective called  Centre of Gravity who managed, within the crumbling space of the old Gardiner Haskins showrooms and with groups such as BEEF, to put on a fabulously inspirational show, reminding me of the energy and innovation of Art College tempered by professionalism. Here's a short film that I put together:






















4: Hidden Art Gallery, Boyces Avenue, Bristol: This privately owned gallery put on a brilliant show of work from their collection, and all for sale, of work on paper by Picasso which just confirms the need to stand in front of art and not just view an image on a screen. 
















5: The Lime Tree Gallery put on a show called a Subtle Touch with moody landscapes by Rose Strang and flowers Mhari McGregor among some lovely abstract images by Boo Mallinson.  


lily mixe.jpg
Priest and Sergeant by Hugo Farmer.jpg
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