Lockdown ...... again  

Within minutes of our government changing its lockdown approach people were complaining of loss of liberty and the possible ruin of our economy and even though this pandemic has cost us less than the banking bailout in 2008 (£650bn v £320bn) we are being warned that hard times are ahead and that this cannot continue.


Meanwhile, the WHO continues to advise that Covid 19 has not lost potency nor its ability to transmit. All that has changed is that some governments have spent the time since the April spike learning from others so that they are both better prepared to manage the consequences should you be hospitalised and better at isolating outbreaks


People continue to die and irrespective of the statistics of tests undertaken, the demographics of those affected and current cases of Covid 19, throughout the UK over 44,000 people have died* (within 28 days of being diagnosed with Covid 19) within a 6-month period. (what I’d really like to know where the other people who look longer to die are recorded).

To date 1 in every 1,450 of us in UK has died of this virus this year.  When you compare this with a 1 in 35,000 chance of dying in a road accident this year, I don’t like the odds and I don’t feel reassured enough to drop my guard.

So just do your bit, put on a mask and keep your fucking distance!


* to put this into some perspective, 40,000 civilians died during the 7 months of the Blitz in WW2 and although the country was at war, the killing of civilians was indiscriminate and the resulting hardships considerable, at no time did people complain that the government edicts of nationwide rationing, curfews, blackouts and gasmask wearing all for the collective good were unwarranted.

FLOORR Magazine 

So, I'm now a part of the online magazine and curated exhibition space called FLOORR whose stated aim is to 'showcase and interview talented artists from across the world'. Unlike most online platforms FLOORR requires that you submit work for review before being accepted as part of their community of 132 artists. Go have a look.




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