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Making a Carpet of one of my paintings. 

As I was laying out a number of paintings on a floor, selecting them for my now indefinitely postponed solo show (see exhibitions section), it occurred to me that some of them would look great as carpets.

Working through love-rugs in Glasgow, approving the many wool samples (who would have thought there could be so many white or black yarns}, and agreeing the level of finish required (trimming and colour edge definition), the vectorised image was sent to the factory in India. Within 6 weeks the carpet was complete and ready for shipping.

When then carpet arrived, it was a revelation with nothing lost in translation between paint and fabric but with the benefit of it being four times the original size, an increase in intensity of colour caused by the local lack of reflection and a subtlety caused by the natural mottling of the New Zealand wool. I love the quality of the wool, the tight weave and beautifully dense colours so much that I have decided to keep it and use it for its intended purpose; a carpet.

I’m now on the look out for a suitable setting to photograph it and once I’ve defined just how more complex the colour weaving can be I will have more made.


(DM me for a price if you want one).


I have also made a short film on all the processes involved in carpet making in India> see below.  



solitude painting.TIFF
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