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Small paintings:all backlit 

Partly to compensate for the lack of progress on my larger paintings, but also to explore a less self -conscious form of painting I started working on a series of smaller paintings: I love the immediacy of these and explored a series of colour combinations before deciding on the following: 


1.cadmium, ultramarine and gold,

2.purple,phthalocyanine and gold, and

3.veridian, violet and gold, all overlaid with black brush strokes and a liquid white drizzled over.


I then proceeded to paint three at a time and while photographing them I discovered that these look amazing when backlit. They change character far more than sunlight can achieve and feel like stained glass.


So having experimented I have devised a method, using LED lights, to enable backlighting to be switched on.

So here are all nine : once the backlighting and switching is complete they will be ready for show/sale.

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