Shodō​ / Abstracted 






















Shodō is an art form practiced in Japan since the 5th century and is so revered that it is taught in all Japanese schools. It is taught initially as Shuji (literally, "lettering practice") until proficiency reaches the level of Shodo upon which it develops into an Art form. It requires an inner stillness and a zen like level of concentration to control the flow of the brush.


Having completed a number of paintings exploring memory and the gap between memory and reality I decided to abstract a number of them and to transcribe their structure using traditional SHODO brush techniques : A series of ideograms emerged of which nine were practiced and developed into this series : Shodō / Abstracted


Each work is unique and original; is painted on 90gm off-white cartridge paper and this series is limited to 25 of each. 

Each Artwork can be supplied mounted or mounted and framed at additional cost: 

please select the required artwork and then decide if you want it suppled mounted or framed + mounted by using the options below.


Delivery of the mount and frame+mount options to destinations outside the UK is only available by special arrangement. Contact me here for more details.