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The Mount Without : Solo show 11th April.

I knew that setting up just before a show and then taking it down the next day was going to make it a hard few days but even the inevitable after-party and then last orders at a pub couldnt dampen my feelings.

Just having the show would have been enough but people turned up and i actually sold some work too: 3 pieces and 21 of my books of tree photographs sold and a request to borrow a few paintings ( to see whether they could be lived with).

The venue looked amazing, the work held its own ( was not belittled by the venue), people were engaged and it felt more like a cocktail party than a private view.

So while I'm now left feeling deflated I am already setting up some new work and have a new show in mind for next year.

I just need to find a new venue, but one where I can leave the work up for a while after.

Here's a short video I made of the show; and thank you if you came.

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