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It is astonishing that exactly thirty years ago Rage Against the Machine were #1 in track play lists for “Killing in the name” and despite the ferocity of the lyrics “Some of those that work forces, are the same that burn crosses “ and “Those who died are justified, for wearing the badge, they're the chosen whites” nothing much seems to have changed in the USA.

Racism and the use of excessive force within U.S. police forces flood our media outlets and yet a belief in the supremacy of the American system by American Politicians seems to entitle them, as self-proclaimed “leaders of the free world,” to act as an international police force.

Is it little wonder that many ascribe the USA with expansionism when most of their international responses disguise a profit motive while pedalling the belief that the American way is the righteous way? (consider their actions and motives in Afghanistan and Iraq).

It’s hard to take instruction from a system that has, unfortunately, been corrupted by Trumpian “America First” rhetoric so, to re-quote RATM from Killing in the name ” Fuck you, I won’t do what you tell me!” and although my choice of music has mellowed the message remains potent, even in England’s green and pleasant land.

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