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Setting the attainment bar low.

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

What is Sunak hoping to achieve?

As a student I always found that the process of having to state your attainment goals at the start of a crit so that your tutors could then assess whether you had achieved those goals to be both divisive and a way for tutors to avoid bringing their own standards to the debate.

Students would frequently understate what they were trying to achieve and flesh out the crit with buzz words and platitudes in the hope that they would be seen to have overachieved and thereby be awarded a better grade.

Similarly our Prime Minister has just confirmed five promises to the British People confirming that ‘We will either have achieved them or not!’ a platitude so pathetically obvious that it doesn’t warrant stating . As for the promises; ‘to half inflation, grow the economy, reduce debt, cut waiting lists and stop the boats’, our current position on these is so bad that the only way to achieve these is by not doing anything else and besides who asked us, ‘The British People’ , whether these really are our priorities

When our cultural, educational, scientific and welfare lives are also being underfunded, setting the bar to promise just five targets really is understating what needs to be achieved and for his government not to be demanding more is indicative of a total moral vacuum.

Let’s hope that our dear PM can do better.


See me later

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